Walk-In Replacement

Clark TurnKey offers complete removal and replacement of walk-in units, including all necessary demolition, framing, and flooring.

Our services include:

  • Concrete demolition and pouring of new concrete with insulated or non-insulated pads
  • Design and engineering of different flooring subfloors, including open pits, insulated floors with necessary hard rated or spray foam insulation, and fiber reinforced concrete pads
  • Full footing options for new exterior walk-ins, ideal for expansion projects with limited exterior space and a need for exterior space creation
  • Full design services for simple or unique existing building challenges
  • Full design services for brand new or existing construction
  • Free evaluation and diagnostic services available
  • Rapid deployment of TurnKey Construction Service packages offering everything from demolition of existing units to full electric, plumbing, concrete, flooring, and install service solutions