Flooring Repair and Replacement

Clark TurnKey knows how important it is to keep your business open and flowing smoothly. However, if your floors have chipped or broken tiles, grout, or are riddled with holes, it can pose a big problem to your operation. Damages not only pose a sanitation issue but can compromise the floor's whole structural integrity.

We offer a streamlined turnkey service that gives you the new, safe floors you need with no interruption to your normal service hours. By starting work when your kitchen closes, we can install flooring and have everything finished and ready to use when your food service operation resumes. Clark TurnKey accomplishes this with a dedicated team that includes all necessary staff such as plumbers, electricians, and service technicians. We utilize a reactive resin flooring that offers many benefits:

  • Flooring completely cures in one to two hours and contains no solvents or VOCs for a comfortable and safe working environment the next morning
  • Flooring is resistant to water, fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses
  • More durable than traditional flooring, it can withstand use from carts, crates, dropped knives and other common sources of floor damage
  • Flooring is also resistant to alkali, acid, grease, oil, and salt
  • Custom colors may be available depending on the project timeline

Standard Quartz Blends